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Adventure Holidays Slovenia

Must-try activity holidays in Slovenia
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Rafting groups in Slovenia
Adventure park
Bled Island Slovenia 1
ljubljana castle view
Zipline Family
7 nights / 8 days
May - Sep
Experience the best of Slovenian outdoor adventures with your family on this unforgettable and active holiday, based in the capital of Ljubljana.
From: 2,990€/person
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Mezica Mine kayaking
Ljubljanica River and Ljubljana Castle
Jumping during canyoning in Slovenia
Kayaking in Soca Valley
Zipline Bovec
Soca River white water rafting
Bled Island Slovenia 1
7 nights / 8 days
May - Sep
Set out on the ultimate Slovenia adventure on a week full of adrenaline-pumping activities in the country’s most stunning natural surroundings.
From: 1,650€/person
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Slovenia canyoning experience
Mangart Saddle Road
Soca River Gorge
Views from Vrsic Pass
Zipline Bovec
Canyoning down a waterfall
3 nights / 4 days
May - Sep
Enjoy an active short break in Slovenia, exploring the wild nature of the Julian Alps through fun adventures from Lake Bled and the adrenaline capital Bovec.
From: 790€/person
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Winter sunrise at Lake Bled
Dog sledding Slovenia
Bled Castle in winter
Cross country skiing
Night sledding Slovenia
Lake Bohinj in winter
6 nights / 7 days
Dec - Mar
Join us on an unforgettable winter adventure in Slovenia, where you'll have the chance to try exciting activities like dog sledding, skiing, and snowshoeing.
From: 1,380€/person
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Bled castle and island
Cycling Zajamniki Pokljuka
Cavers near Bled
Rock climbing Slovenia
Hut at Triglav Lakes
Hot air baloon and Bled Castle
7 nights / 8 days
May - Sep
Join us on an adventure holiday in Bled and experience the beauty of the Julian Alps with incredible adrenaline activities around this Slovenian gem.
From: 1,990€/person
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cover photo
7 nights / 8 days
Jun - Oct
Uncover Slovenia's most stunning locations, from Lake Bled to its alpine peaks and charming towns, on a customizable Bike & Hike tour for a unique adventure.
From: 1,695€/person
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cover photo
2 nights / 3 days
Jun - Sep
Experience the best of the Julian Alps in three days, visit the mesmerizing Seven Lakes Valley and stay in authentic Triglav National Park mountain lodges.
From: 375€/person
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cover photo
7 nights / 8 days
Jun - Oct
Cycle your way through the diverse regions of Slovenia, discovering the country’s diversity on this self-guided cycling journey from the mountains to the sea.
From: 1,495€/person
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Per request
Jan - Mar
Skiing at multiple ski resorts in Slovenia means getting all the best views, visiting all the most popular locations, and having an immeasurable lot of fun.
From: 149€/day/person
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About Adventure Holidays Slovenia

Our adventure holidays in Slovenia give you a chance to experience your wildest adventure surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe.

From the majestic mountains and wild rivers of the Julian Alps and the peaceful forests of the Dinarides — to the mysterious depths of Karst caves and the inspiring waves of the Adriatic Sea. You could never guess that such a tiny country as Slovenia can pack so many landscapes.

We will reveal Europe’s best-kept secret to you. Full of natural beauty and diversity, the possibilities for multi-activity holidays in Slovenia are endless.

Rafting or kayaking down pristine rivers — hiking up panoramic peaks or canyoning through wild gorges — SUP-ing on crystal clear lakes or cycling through the charming capital — exploring the caves or ziplining across lush valleys.

The small size of Slovenia means that experiencing multiple activities in one day is not only an option but a must-do!

And our passionate team has made it their mission to help you with just that — having an epic adventure in Slovenia. We prepared a selection of carefully crafted adventure tours suitable for people of all ages and ready to make your trip to our country unforgettable.

Our activity holidays in Slovenia are led by a professional guide and tailored to your needs and level of fitness. As a wholesome experience in our beautiful country, they combine fun-filled outdoor activities with sightseeing and tasting the local culinary delights.

Inquire now, and let the adventure Slovenia has to offer, begin!

10 Must-Try Adventures in Slovenia

Prepare to be captivated as we guide you through Slovenia’s most exhilarating outdoor experiences, each promising a unique blend of adrenaline and awe-inspiring natural beauty.

1. Hiking in the Triglav National Park

Traverse the well-marked trails of Triglav National Park, home to Slovenia’s highest peak, Mount Triglav. The park offers a wide variety of hiking trails, ranging from family-friendly paths to challenging high-mountain routes.

hiking in slovenia

2. Mountain Biking through the Zajamniki Mountain Pasture

Experience the thrill of mountain biking in Zajamniki, a scenic mountain pasture. The area offers diverse trails suitable for all skill levels, and you can explore them year-round thanks to Slovenia’s mild climate.

3. Skiing at Krvavec Ski Resort

Hit the slopes at Krvavec Ski Resort, one of Slovenia’s most popular winter destinations. The resort offers a variety of runs, making it ideal for both beginners and seasoned skiers.

4. Rafting on Soča River

Navigate the emerald waters of the Soča River for an adrenaline-pumping experience. Known for its crystal-clear waters and thrilling rapids, this river is a sought-after destination for rafters.

Soca River white water rafting

5. Canyoning Adventures in Bovec

Venture on a canyoning adventure in Bovec, where you’ll traverse through canyons by hiking, swimming, and climbing. The area is known for its stunning natural beauty, including waterfalls and gorges.

Hiking in canyon

6. SUP Day on Lake Bled

Glide across the serene waters of Lake Bled on a stand-up paddleboard. The calm waters make it an ideal spot for beginners, and the surrounding scenery is nothing short of breathtaking.

Sup Bled

7. Rock Climbing in Vipava Valley

Challenge yourself with a vertical adventure in the Vipava Valley. Known for its limestone cliffs, the area offers a variety of routes that cater to both novice and experienced climbers.

Young woman goes rock climbing up a mountain in Slovenian countryside.

8. Ziplining across Soča Valley

Soar above the Soča Valley on a zipline, experiencing Slovenia from a bird’s-eye view. The valley is known for its lush landscapes, making it a visually stunning experience.

Zipline Julian alps

9. Cave Kayaking in Mežica

Explore Slovenia’s underground world by kayaking through the caves in Mežica. This unique adventure takes you through a flooded lead and zinc mine.

Mezica Mine kayaking

10. Snowshoeing on Pokljuka Plateau

Discover the winter beauty of the Pokljuka Plateau by snowshoeing through its snow-covered landscapes. The plateau offers a peaceful escape and is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Snow shoeing in the mountains

Why Choose Adventure Holidays in Slovenia?

Slovenia’s unique geographical features make it a playground for various outdoor activities. From the rugged terrains of Triglav National Park to the serene waters of Lake Bled, the country offers a perfect blend of adrenaline-pumping and soul-soothing experiences.

What Sets Slovenia Adventures Apart?

Unlike other European destinations, Slovenia offers a more intimate and less commercialized adventure experience. Whether hiking, skiing, or water sports, you’ll find that the natural landscapes are well-preserved, and the adventures are more authentic.

Planning Your Activity Holidays in Slovenia

When planning your adventure holidays in Slovenia, consider the season, the type of activities you’re interested in, and the level of difficulty you’re comfortable with. Slovenia offers adventures year-round, but some activities are seasonal, so plan accordingly.

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Tried & Tested Adventures

Only the best adventures in Slovenia, cherry-picked by our local team with an in-depth knowledge of the region.

Expert Local Guides

Our professional guides know the best places, are great to be around and will go that extra mile for you.

Book with confidence

We are a financially protected company, fully bonded and insured, keeping your money safe and allowing you to travel with confidence.

100% Made in Slovenia

We are working closely with local suppliers to provide you with unique itineraries on the tours of our own design.

Unbeatable support

Our 24/7 customer support is where we show our passion, bringing you a better experience by making your well-being our number one priority.

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